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52-year-old Syed Parveez’s organs donated

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The liver, kidneys and heart valves of 52-year-old Syed Parveez, a resident of Mandi Mohalla in Mysuru, who was declared brain dead four days after a road mishap earlier this month, were harvested at a private hospital in Mysuru and donated to eligible organ recipients.

A statement from Apollo BGS Hospital in Mysuru said Mr. Syed Parveez was brought to the hospital after his two-wheeler met with an accident with another two-wheeler on KRS road in Metagalli Industrial Area on September 8.

Mr. Parveez was kept on life support for four days as he was in a very critical state. However, on September 12, he was declared brain dead due to brain stem failure.

Mr. Parveez was healthy before the incident and further tests confirmed his eligibility for organ donation. His family was counselled for organ donation as per the defined protocol. After Mr. Parveez’s family members came forward to donate his organs, the process was initiated by officials from Jeeva Sarthakathe, earlier known as Zonal Co-ordination Committee of Karnataka (ZCCK) for organ transplantation, on September 13.

Two kidneys, one liver and heart valves, which were harvested, were donated to recipients in different hospitals. While the liver and one kidney were donated to recipients in Apollo BGS Hospital in Mysuru, one kidney was donated to Clear Medi Radiant Hospital in Mysuru and the heart valves were donated to Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospital in Bengaluru.

“A single organ donor can save up to eight lives while a single tissue donor can improve the lives up to 50 people. The heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, pancreas and intestines are all organs that can be donated”, said a statement from the hospital.

A total of 877 multi-organ donations and 2,352 tissue donations have been made in Karnataka since 2007 under the direction of ZCCK for Transplantation.

“In conclusion, giving an organ is a noble act. Additionally, it demonstrates a person’s ability to contribute even after passing away. It is important to create widespread knowledge of organ donation among the populace. Many people can benefit from the donation of tissues such as tendons, skin, bone, and heart valves. Donating organs and tissues can save many lives and have a significant impact on the lives of individuals who receive them. You can improve someone’s quality of life, by giving them a second chance at life”, said the statement from Apollo BGS Hospital in Mysuru.

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