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FAIRMONT, W.Va (WDTV) – Richard Gibson was identified with Polycystic Kidney Illness (PKD) about six years in the past. PKD is a hereditary situation that impacts kidney perform.

Gibson mentioned the situation brought about him to have enlarged kidneys and in addition resulted in toxins being taken from the blood stream which brought about further unwanted side effects. “And that brings in a number of aches and pains, a number of tiredness, lack of urge for food, lack of focus. That form of factor,” he defined.

He mentioned his kidneys have been solely performing at 19%. “When you get beneath the 20 p.c mark you can begin the method of being evaluated medically for a transplant,” Gibson added.

He was medically cleared by the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida to be placed on the transplant record. Gibson’s spouse Dee had been with him all through his journey.

“We simply celebrated again in March 21 years collectively, being married. You recognize we help one another in illness and in well being. It’s one of many vows you can also make. We’ve at all times been there for one another. It doesn’t matter what,” she mentioned. Dee added in the event that they couldn’t discover Richard’s excellent kidney match, he could should go on dialysis.

If anybody with type-O blood is fascinated about being Gibson’s stay kidney donor, you may go to the Mayo Clinic’s website and enter his identify, Richard Gibson, into their take a look at type to see in the event you’re a match.

Gibson encourages folks with different blood sorts to nonetheless contemplate changing into a stay donor regardless that it will probably’t assist him straight. He desires to proceed the donation chain for others in want.

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