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Liver Transplantation: A Caregiver To Elderly, His Liver Helps Man Get A New Lease Of Life | Lucknow News

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Liver Transplantation: A Caregiver To Elderly, His Liver Helps Man
LUCKNOW: Ajit Kumar Srivastava, 58, was a compassionate man who could be seen serving the elderly people at old age homes during his free time.
In his death, his liver gave a new lease of life to a 35-year-old man, who underwent transplantation surgery at KGMU recently.
A hotel manager by profession, Ajit got critically injured in a scooter accident on October 28.
After nine days of battling for life in the ICU of KGMU’s Trauma Centre, doctors informed his family that his brain had died, but his organs were still functioning.
Although Srivastava could not be saved, his family decided to donate his liver, hoping it could help a 35-year-old private company employee who was suffering from end stage cirrhosis. His kidneys, heart and corneas couldn’t be harvested because they were found unfit for donation.
Prabhav Srivastava, Ajit’s son, said, “He used to say that nothing gave him more happiness than helping the needy and the helpless people. So, we thought we would give him the last happy moment of his life by donating his organs.” Prabhav believes that his father will live on even after death through the recipients of his organs. “I feel that my father would have wanted this,” he said.
“He was always a giving person, and even in death, he is helping others,” he said.
The decision to give the nod for liver donation wasn’t easy, but counselling by Chhitiz Verma and Peeyush Srivastava, both counsellors at the organ donation cell, motivated the family.
“The family agreed after two rounds of counselling in which we explained how their decision will save several lives,” said Prof Abhijit Chandra, head of the surgical gastroenterology department at KGMU.
After getting the family’s consent, KGMU informed various organ transplant organizations. “Since only the liver was medically fit, we could only retrieve the one organ,” said Chandra, who led the team which successfully carried out the live transplantation.
“The gratitude to the donor family can’t be expressed in words. There’s no greater gift a human can give to another human being,” said the recipient’s family, not willing to be named.
KGMU has been in the forefront of liver transplantation and organ donation for the past four years. During this period, 30 liver donations, 48 kidney donations, and more than 50 corneas have been made available to the patients.
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