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I can’t thank my 26th District State Representative, Michelle Caldier, enough. Michelle saved my husband’s life. On February 24, 2020, my husband, James, received a kidney transplant at Virginia Mason Hospital in Seattle. His peritoneal catheter and transfer set were left in place just in case he needed to have dialysis performed before his kidney started fully working. This is common practice and would be removed shortly thereafter as an elective surgery.

The removal surgery was scheduled for March 24 and none too soon. Fibrin was collecting and rotting in the transfer set tubing outside his body. On March 19, Governor Jay Inslee cancelled all elective surgeries, including James’ surgery. I was totally devastated and worried James’ life was in jeopardy. After pleading with Virginia Mason, they refused to perform the surgery. I notified Caldier’s office. Without hesitation, she called Virginia Mason Hospital on James’ behalf, and James had his surgery! Without that phone call, I believe James would have lost his life.

Again, I can’t thank Michelle Caldier enough for making that life saving phone call. She is again running for office in the primary election on August 4th. We need to keep this hard working lady representing us in office. Please join me on August 4th and cast your vote for Michelle Caldier.

Martha Mioni, Port Orchard 

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